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"Birds of a Feather" Cub Adventure 2017 A


"Brodhead Grassroots" Cub Adventure 2017 B

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Even with significant headwinds, the beauty of this first morning of the adventure wasn’t diminished. Mr. Nikon was at his best. BFH0003 - Day 1 - North Carolina

You get an instant feeling of success when one of these moments shocks you. All that is left is to compose and shoot. Wow, and it is less than one hour into the adventure.    BFH0010 - Day 1 - North Carolina

Okay, help us out here with your thoughts. We think this might have been an old church retreat site. We base that on the church-like structure. Also, we considered the building at the water ’ s edge as possibly a place for kids to go when they are enjoying the pond (or small lake). Given that we are more often wrong then right, email us with your take on this:    BFH0023 - Day 1 - North Carolina

It appears that this old farm house was abandoned and the trees that once graced its landscape have become its camouflage to secure seclusion.    BFH0026 - Day 1 - North Carolina

The radar images of a large thunderstorm of epic proportions led us to believe it would pass to our east. IMG_8273 -  Day 2 - Lima OH

Yeah, like anyone should trust a thunderstorm to give any semblance of how it intends to act. At the last minute the storm got bigger and nastier and decided to visit Lima, OH.  IMG_8275 -  Day 2 - Lima OH

“But it was only a small storm when the Cub was tied down on the ramp” we justified to ourselves. The drive from the hotel to the airport that night, through several nearly washed out rural roads, made our guilt grow even more than the near constant flashes of lightning. As the courtesy car’s headlights washed across the Cub's exterior there was an overwhelming feeling of relief followed by thankfulness. The Cub faced the storm and was undamaged. Perhaps a bit wet and lonely, but undamaged.  IMG_8286 -  Day 2 - Lima OH