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Hudson River Adventure 2010

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Warm, golden morning light creates shadows and a reflection on the bottom of the Cub's wing. It's going to be a good day! (DSC_0001 - Day 1 - California)

Just moments later, the sun is done peeking up from the horizon and gives us a dramatic show of color and textures. Some people love color and textures. (DSC_ 0004 – Day 1 – California)

Carefully restored military hangars remind us of a time in history when our country was covered with aviation training bases. (DSC_0009 – Day 1 – Arizona

Interstate 10 east of Tucson has this salmon rock covered mountain guarding its west exposure. (DSC_0019 – Day 2 – Arizona)

Interesting composition created by the opposite wing being lifted by a strong thermal column just as we shot this photo. (DSC_0057 – Day 2 – Arizona)

It looks kind of like a dragon that was hit by an 18 wheeler. Road kill dragon, that's what we'll call it. (DSC_0143 – Day 2 – Arizona)

Judging from the white powder on the Cub's tire, maybe we were too low and skimmed the top of this unique formation. (DSC_0146 – Day 2 – New Mexico)

Similar to the Colorado River, this image of the Rio Grande shows the colors of agriculture. (DSC_0149 – Day 2 – Texas)

Sunrise over the Guadalupe Mountains is the reward for a predawn flight. ((DSC_0176 – Day 3 – Texas

The hills near the Carlsbad Caverns demonstrate erosion on a solid rock land mass. (DSC_227 – Day 3 – New Mexico)

Finally some really green fields after two days of earth tone high desert terrain. (DSC_238 - Day 3 New Mexico)

A mining operation left this intricate pattern in the tailings from the operation. It took a large bulldozer to create the ridge on the left of the image. (DSC_240- Day 3-Texas)

Sunrise over Olney, Texas. As you will see, the color RED played the leading role in today's photos. (DSC_328 – Day 4 – Texas)

With the window open, just cruisin' the morning sunrise and enjoying the view from aloft. (DSC_395 – Day 4 – Texas)

What a great way to express a community's hometown school pride. (DSC_462 – Day 4 – Texas)

Vivid colors even Kodachrome film couldn't replicate. (DSC_469 – Day 4 – Texas)

Meandering sandbar ladened rivers invite thoughts of Mother Nature's creative side. (DSC_489 – Day 4 – Oklahoma)

The cut bank is a reminder of waters' job to continuously redefine boundaries. (DSC_504 – Day 4 – Oklahoma)

We shot over 450 images today. Scenes like this one just couldn't be left uncaptured. Hey, it's our job. (DSC_516 – Day 4 – Oklahoma)

Yet another shot following a river this time in Missouri on the next day. (DSC_739 – Day 5 – Missouri)

The quilted agriculture squares continuously change as we fly northeast. (DSC_772 – Day 5 – Missouri)

Hmmm, I'll bet this guy left his clothes on the floor and didn't put his toys away when he was a kid either. (DSC_847 – Day 5 – Missouri)

No illegal dumping of chemicals was done to create this image. I wonder if the trees glow at night? (DSC_879 – Day 5 – Illinois).

Notice how the barn is peeking at himself in the pond. Could be a self-esteem issue. (DSC_930 – Day 5 – Indiana).

Have you ever seen a church with a red steeple? Neither have we, until today. Wonder if it has some significance to the town of New Washington. How did we know the town's name? We used the Baker method…(see the next photo). (DSC_989 - Day 6 – Indiana)

Water towers tell a lot. They indicate which high school class managed to paint their class year on the side or a young couples names with a heart around them. But the next photo leaves no doubt as to what this city's claim to fame is… (DSC_968 - Day 6 – Indiana

You guessed it. Circleville, OH is THE pumpkin capitol of the universe! (DSC_1074 – Day 6 – Ohio)

OOPS perhaps parallel parking a barge isn't for the faint of heart. Oh well, maybe this could start a trend in diagonal barge parking. (DSC_1060 – Day 6 – Ohio)

The Cub insists on its vanity shots anytime there is an interesting hangar to pose in front of. Cubs! (DSC_1032 – Day 6 – Indiana)

This is Lee Bottom Field from the top (sorry, we couldn't pass on that one). The Ohio River on one side and steep tree covered bluffs on the other. Keeps a pilot honest when turning base to final. (DSC_1034 – Day 6 – Indiana)

The proud owners of Lee Bottom Aerodrome, Rich and Ginger Davidson. (DSC_1008 – Day 6 – Indiana)

The morning sun battles with the stratus clouds in order to force the ground haze to become fresh dew. (DSC_1082 – Day 7 – Ohio)

Thanks to you, we now understand this is the Temple of Gold, built by the Hare Krishna's (DSC_1126 – Day 7 – West Virginia)

We have been flying over the sites for days. Dave emailed us to let us know it's a shale gas drilling rig, thanks Dave. (DSC_1140 – Day 7 – PA)

So I pulls up to get some gas and dees guys shows up and day talks real funny-like. So I figures, Hey, I muss be in Jouysey. My sides still hurt from laughin so hard with dees characters…specially da guy on da left. (DSC_1227 – Day 7 – Old Bridge, New Jersey)

Shortly after sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean. (DSC_1244 – Day 8 – Atlantic Ocean shoreline, New Jersey)

How ironic, with millions of people in the Manhattan area just a half hour away, only a few lucky folks enjoy the beauty of the morning sun creating a new day. (DSC_1246 – Day 8 - Jersey shoreline).

The Verrazano Bridge is the gateway to the Hudson River Special Flight Rules Area (DSC_1254 – Day 8 – Verrazano Bridge).

Okay, there are at least two of us enjoying this sunny morning on the Hudson. The boat and the Cub. (DSC_1258 – Day 8 – Hudson River)

My mouth was so dry…because it was wide open in amazement of what lay before us. (DSC_ 1272 – Day 8 – Manhattan).

The USS Intrepid was our next reporting point: “Piper Cub, Intrepid, 600 feet northbound” (DSC_1288 - Day 8 – Hudson River).

We continued up to the George Washington Bridge (DSC_1299 - Day 8 – Hudson River).

Turning south, we followed the Hudson River's west shoreline and reported “Piper Cub, the Clock, 600' southbound” (DSC_1313 –Day 8 – Hudson River).

On our right, after reporting the Clock, was Ellis Island (DSC_1336 – Day 8 – Ellis Island).

Then she came into view. Welcoming everyone to our country. Her magnificent stature was undeniable. We circled her a few times getting some never to be forgotten photos. Typing this, I get a chill just recalling the experience. Thanks Walt (DSC_1352 - Day 8 – Statue of Liberty).

Thank goodness for telephoto lenses. (DSC_1392 - Day 8 – Statue of Liberty).

Our final turn around the Lady and a view of the Hudson River. ((DSC_1411 - Day 8 – Statue of Liberty).

Leaving New Jersey, heading east, we spot this bashful church hiding in the morning light. (DSC_1541 – Day 12 – New Jersey)

Evidently the country club has some spots available at poolside. The golf course looked to be in manicured condition with generous spacing between golf groups. (DSC_1582 – Day 12 – Pennsylvania)

What a great day to fly. Much of eastern Pennsylvania is rolling hills densely covered with trees. Roads and homes are few and far between. (DSC_1635 – Day 12 – Pennsylvania)

Okay, I count four churches in as many blocks. Can you image the traffic on a Sunday morning? (DSC_1666 – Day 12 – Pennsylvania)

Looks like the white horse is heading inside to get out of the afternoon heat. (DSC_1680 – Day 12 – Pennsylvania

The Ohio Historical Society restored the entire town of Zoar, Ohio. It reminded us of Colonial Williamsburg (DSC_1877 – Day 13 – Ohio).

Tour guides take you though the various buildings and explain their significance during that era. This is the Zoar Hotel (DSC_1879 – Day 13 – Ohio).

Couldn't pass up posting this one.. The Zoar Store (DSC_1880 – Day 13 – Ohio).

We approached this from the other direction, but quickly figured we needed to circle it to get it right. Those clever Amish! (DSC_1936 – Day 14 – Ohio).

Main Street, Ohio (DSC_1995 – Day 14 – Ohio).

This one is for Bern, Caleb and Levi (DSC_2028 – Day 14 – Ohio).

Finally we didn't have to fly to the other side of town to read the town's name from the water tower after photographing a church we liked. We really like both the church and the water tower. (DSC_2045 – Day 14 – McComb, Ohio)

We diverted to Williams County Airport because the runway was more in line with the gusting winds. As luck would have it, this is the home of Hummel Aircraft Manufacturing. One of my favorite homebuilt airplanes. How's that for luck? (DSC_2066 – Day 14 – Bryan, Ohio).

Cool looking little airplane, don't you think? (DSC_2059 – Day 14 – Bryan, Ohio).

See the little hand just above Indianapolis? That's about where we are. See Des Moines, IA? That's about where we want to be today. See the pretty primary colors in between where we are and where we want to go? That would be thunderstorms and Cub-eating weather. Guess we'll just have to become the newest temporary resident of Bryan, Ohio. Oh yeah, see the other pretty primary colors above Omaha? That would be more Cub-eating weather. (Day 15 - 6:20 am, EST - Bryan, Ohio)

With flying anywhere out of the question, a tour of Bryan, OH seemed in order. The Williams County Court House graces the town square. (DSC_2084 – Day 16 – Bryan, Ohio)

When is the last time you saw one of these signs? Okay, perhaps the real question is, “How many of you know what it means and why we had them?” (DSC_2090 – Day 16 - Bryan, Ohio)

How's this for an interior stairway? This building is in mint condition. Perhaps civic pride at work. (DSC_2092 – Day 16 – Bryan, Ohio)

A sleepy Main Street in a rural Indiana town. (DSC_2149 – Day 16 – Indiana)

Sometimes getting fuel in the Cub is as simple as finding the big white tank on a grass strip (DSC_2169 – Day 16 – Kankakee, Illinois)

The Illinois River on a cool and spectacularly clear Midwest morning (DSC_2182 – Day 17 – Illinois)

Imagine over 350 vintage airplanes and owners getting together for a weekend. Well, this is what it looks like. My pulse is still racing. (DSC_2307 – Day 18 – Blakesburg, Iowa)

And it flew beautifully. (DSC_2346 – Day 19 – Blakesburg, Iowa)

Stearmans, lots of gorgeous Stearmans and some really nice pilots as well. (DSC_2355 – Day 19 – Blakesburg, Iowa)

Labor Day weekend and we couldn't pass up using red, white and blue in a photo (the other colors were included as a bonus). (DSC_2366 – Day 19 – Blakesburg, Iowa)

The detail work rivals anything we've seen. (DSC_2372 – Day 19 – Blakesburg, Iowa)

I wonder how low this pilot was flying to hit this little guy. (No stuffed animals were injured in making this image). (DSC_2374 – Day 19 – Blakesburg, Iowa)

Wow, the colors were really intense with the brilliant sunshine and clear skies. (DSC_2376 – Day 19 – Blakesburg, Iowa)

Who needs Photoshop on a day like today? (DSC_2382 - Day 19 – Blakesburg, Iowa)

Many of the pilots executed some very entertaining and skillful fly-by's. Nothing comes close to the sound of radial airplane engines passing overhead…nothing. (DSC_2397 - Day 19 – Blakesburg, Iowa)

Sometimes, after shooting enough photos (53 to be exact), you get one like this. (DSC_2453 - Day 19 – Blakesburg, Iowa)

The Stearmans. (DSC_2498 - Day 19 – Blakesburg, Iowa)

Afternoon fun. (DSC_2619 - Day 19 – Blakesburg, Iowa)

We might have worn Frank out or perhaps he's just checking the tire pressure in the Cub. (DSC_2716 - Day 19 – Blakesburg, Iowa)

Leaving the fly-in with style, this Stearman makes a low pass over the field. (DSC_2756 – Day 20 – Blakesburg, Iowa)

The cowling on this twin engine aircraft betrayed the broken skies above by the reflection in its perfect finish. (DSC_2791 – Day 20 – Blakesburg, Iowa)

Mike said he wanted to go for a ride. But then Mike has only ridden horses. (DSC_2819 - Day 20 – Blakesburg, Iowa)

Nice Mike…really nice. (DSC_2814 - Day 20 – Blakesburg, Iowa)

Mike offers us this genuine leather flying helmet with goggles if we promised not to print the photos of him 'riding' the airplane. Sorry Mike, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand bucks. (DSC_2854 - Day 20 – Blakesburg, Iowa)

Fact is, Mike is an extremely accomplished pilot and a good guy with a quick sense of humor. (DSC_2911 - Day 20 – Blakesburg, Iowa)

Steve and Tina (and their beautiful Golden Retrievers) pause for a photo-op before we leave for Wisconsin. (DSC_3243 - Day 21 – Blakesburg, Iowa)

We are going with pride of ownership on this little homestead. (DSC_3280 – Day 21 - Illinois)

Not a bad view out the front window. (DSC_3310 – Day 21 - Wisconsin)

Frank and I spend a few hours landing at grass strips in Southern Wisconsin. Yellow Cubs make for some nice photos against the green fields. (DSC_3436 – Day 21 - Wisconsin)

A lazy afternoon in late summer finds two Cubs relaxing beside a hilltop grass strip. Mare's tail clouds decorate an already perfectly clear sky that has gifted the two pilots with a gentle breeze creating ideal flying conditions. (DSC_3567 – Day 22 - Sugar Ridge Private Airport, Wisconsin)

Frank on final approach. (DSC_3641 – Day 22 - Waunakee, Wisconsin)

Whoa, watch out for those gusty crosswinds. (DSC_3892 – Day 23 - Wisconsin)

Like Gary said today as we sat under the wing of Frank's Cub surrounded by vintage airplanes on the ground and in the air; “It just doesn't get any better than this.” (DSC_3903 – Day 24 - Brodhead, WI)

So Chuck fell in love with a Hatz biplane many years ago. Then he took 10 years to build one. Now he wants to fly it across America. Both his airplane and his idea are beautiful. (DSC_3936 – Day 24 – Brodhead, WI)

Re-enactors were on hand to add a sense of realism. Larry was a walking encyclopedia of military information. (DSC_4014 – Day 24 – Brodhead, WI)

His name is Ed; he's a nice enough guy. But he likes to tie an inflated cow to his airplane. He calls it his engine cow(l). Get it? Ed sure hopes you do. By the way, this isn't Ed's first cow, he wore the other one out. Yep, I know what you are thinking. (DSC_4038 – Day 24 – Brodhead, WI)

Clever inventiveness gave this couple an opportunity to see all the planes without getting their feet wet from the morning dew. (DSC_4046 - Day 24 – Brodhead, WI

Rick just finished this military version of the J3 Cub. He was taking his dad for a ride. (DSC_4080 - Day 24 – Brodhead, WI)

These two little aviation enthusiasts planted their chairs on the inactive grass runway and spent the afternoon watching the planes taxi by and fly overhead. (DSC_4332 - Day 24 – Brodhead, WI)

Look, even when their little brother comes to disrupt them, they have two separate measures as a deterrent. (DSC_ 4361 - Day 24 – Brodhead, WI)

Man's handiwork as viewed from a low and slow vintage Piper Cub.  (DSC_4473 - Day 25 – Wisconsin)

God's handiwork also as viewed from a low and slow vintage Piper Cub.(DSC_4488 - Day 25 – Wisconsin)

CAVU (Ceiling And Visibility Unlimited) (DSC_4496 - Day 25 – Wisconsin)

Leaving Wisconsin, crossing the Mississippi and dodging a 1,000 foot radio tower (DSC_4579 - Day 25 – Wisconsin)

Perhaps some lost Vikings from Minnesota? (DSC_4608 - Day 25 – Iowa)

Pretty impressive religious campus. (DSC_4634 - Day 25 – Iowa)

“Field of Dreams” movie site. Can you make out Kevin Costner in the photo Barbara? (DSC_4716 - Day 25 – Dyersville, Iowa)

Dyersville International Aerodrome. Another kind of Field of Dreams. (DSC_4746 - Day 25 – Dyersville, Iowa)

Every airport should be so lucky as to have founding fathers like Dave and his friends. (DSC_ 4765 - Day 26 – Dyersville, Iowa)

Fixing the runway light was our chore for the day. Dave let me give it a try. (DSC_4763 - Day 26 - Dyersville, Iowa)

After a grueling day repairing one runway light, Dave and I take a well-deserved early evening spin in the Cub.

( IMG_2813 - Day 26 – Dyersville, Iowa)

Contour patterns like this one soon gave way to terraced patterns. (DSC_4891– Day 28 - Iowa)

Broken cloud layers gave a dapple effect to the already unique patterns. (DSC_4931– Day 28 - Iowa)

Almost surreal in its content, the fields look like they are in fluid motion. (DSC_4983 – Day 28 - Iowa)

This one nearly got away as we were composing a shot on the other side of the plane. (DSC_5004– Day 28 - Iowa)

A tree-lined stream gives perspective to the dimensions of these patterned fields. (DSC_5042 – Day 28 - Iowa)

The Missouri River separates Iowa from Nebraska in grand style, color and textures. (DSC_5062– Day 28 – Iowa/ Nebraska)

The views out of the side windows kept our head swiveling from one side of the plane to the other like a spectator at tennis match. (DSC_5109– Day 28 - Nebraska)

All the elements of this composition came together without any effort by the photographer. (DSC_5126– Day 28 - Nebraska)

Well lookie here… an oxbow lake! Ancient rivers abandon their course and leave these oxbow lakes adjacent to their new path. (DSC_5175– Day 28 - Nebraska)

Reddish brown sorghum fields are nearly ready for harvest, but a wet summer will mean a late harvest. Still, the colors and patterns give personality to very flat terrain. (DSC_5203 – Day 29 – Kansas)

Kansas is mighty flat. Try to tell that to this tree-lined river that flows through two different crops. (DSC_5185 – Day 29 – Kansas)

Like serpents dividing the land with freestyle curves, these rivers look best with the long shadows the early morning sun brings. (DSC_5193 – Day 29 – Kansas)

Islands of trees give color to a sea of sculptured earth. (DSC_5195 – Day 29 – Kansas)

These tall white sentinels of the farmlands can be seen on the horizon for miles. Each one usually has a small town at its feet. Sadly, the railroad has long since left. Only the remnants of the tracks can be seen if you look carefully. (DSC_5208 – Day 29 – Kansas)

Goood mornin' Hugoton, Kansas! (DSC_5278 – Day 30 – Kansas

Finally a train photo. We had our concerns that we wouldn't get one on this trip. (DSC_5335 – Day 30 – New Mexico)

Arriving in Tucumcari, New Mexico, this muddy red river greets everyone with brilliant shades of pottery red. (DSC_5355 – Day 30 – New Mexico

Look closely; there are a series of footprints crossing the dry river bed. Bet mom made them clean the mud from their shoes when they got home. (DSC_5372 – Day 30 – New Mexico)

Hot on the left, cold on the right…get it? (Hey even the colors work). (DSC_5397 – Day 30 – New Mexico)

We wonder if passenger trains use this railroad trestle. Looks like it may be time to replace it. (DSC_5402 – Day 30 – New Mexico)

We stopped for fuel in Santa Rosa, NM and there wasn't a cloud in the sky to the west. Forty-five minutes later we came back to find these enormous cumulous nimbus giants directly on our next leg. Seemed like a good reason to spend the night here. (DSC_5427 – Day 30 – New Mexico)

Tell me the Cub doesn't look excited to start a full day of flying. Why yes I do tend to see things differently. (DSC_5454 – Day 31 – New Mexico)

These ruins guard a pass that leads to the Rio Grande River valley. These are the Salinas Pueblo Missions, Abo Ruins. They are located off Hwy 60, about 45 miles SE of Albuquerque. Thanks Bill and Mark. (DSC_5482 – Day 31 – New Mexico)

Rural life as seen from above. Sometimes the closest neighbor is miles away. (DSC_5486 – Day 31 – New Mexico)

Just as we turned from base to final, we had a chance to capture this image quickly. Nothing quite compares to an Arizona sunset. (DSC_5505 – Day 31 – Arizona)

With a rare tailwind, the view of I-10 and the hills north of Tucson, AZ distracted us from the desert's rising temperatures. That's Picacho Peak next to the Interstate. It's an Arizona State Park and the site of a Civil War Skirmish...thanks for the info Ralph.(DSC_5511 – Day 32 – Arizona)